15 Patterns Knitting Tops For Women

These easy knitted top patterns are perfect for the summer. Plus, if you’re looking for beginners patterns, each of these patterns are beginner-friendly knitting patterns and so fun to make. Below, you’ll find knit crop tops, oversized t-shirts, classic tees, and more.

Faye Summer Top

Patons Trinity Bellwoods Knit Bralette

Knitting Top Mojito

Seersucker Shirt

Water Ballet By Drops Design

Little Secret Crop

Beginner Knit Halter Top 

Cancun Boxy Lace Top

Blue Cove By Drops Design

Knitting Top Forest Garden 

Heart On Fire By Drops Design

Sweet Impressions By Drops Design

Wide Top

Pink Petunias By Drops Design

Knit The Cutest Blouse With A Hole Pattern

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